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The Lawsuit Regarding the DOE’s Failure to Remove Spent Fuel (continued)

On December 13, 2007 each of the Yankee companies filed a second round of damage claims against the federal government in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. The longer the federal government delays in fulfilling its obligations the greater the potential monetary damages will be.

Other Spent Fuel Removal Efforts

The Yankee Companies are regularly engaged with state agencies, national groups, and local community members to bring pressure on the federal government to move the spent fuel, and to identify creative solutions to this difficult problem. Partners in this effort include the Maine, Connecticut, and Massachusetts congressional delegations, other New England states, members of Community Advisory Panels, as well as others throughout the country who have spent fuel stranded at nuclear plants in their communities.

Within that context The Yankee companies participate in a number of groups dedicated to moving spent nuclear fuel. They include: the Decommissioning Plant Coalition, a group of single-unit shutdown plants located in New England, the mid-west, and California; the Nuclear Waste Strategy Coalition, a group of state regulators and utilities representing forty-one organizations in twenty-five states; and an Interim Storage Alternatives Forum that seeks to move spent fuel out of New England.